Who We Are

SUENYUN SDN BHD is a liquor manufacturer, bulk wine and imported whisky, brandy bottler and wine distribution company, located at Ipoh, Perak North of Malaysia that encourages the uninitiated and connoisseur among us to appreciate its vast collection of liquor and wines from all around the world.
SUENYUN SDN BHD’s mission is to provide high quality liquor and wines as well as great services along with the facts and techniques of manufacturing liquor and wine bottling and making plus tasting.

The plant have been operating since 1933 and is covering approxiemately 30,000 square feet.With the years alone you can imagine the products we are manufacturing is blended with history and technology, therefore you can expect an optimize quality products from us. We have improve following generation as mostly our production involve automatic machines. We do not ignore our loyal employess as machinery take over their task as we still maintain them to do other manual task.This is one of the cause why we take full automation in production slowly.

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JF Dominic Whisky is a drink for discerning People

JF Dominic Whisky

JF Dominic Whisky casks selection, a luxurious and smooth whisky

JF Dominic W - C.Selection

JF Dominic XO-Extra Gold is Your choice of Exceptonal a Genuine Pleasure Have In Your Glass

JF Dominic XO-Extra Gold

JF Dominic XO - White Coffee - Blended with unique and fragrant white coffee

JF Dominic XO - W.Coffee

JF Dominic Whisky A drink for discerning People

Extremely rich and multi-layered. An unique temperament, it is distilled, aged in oak casks and blended according to master blender's finest tradition. It is characterized by delicate taste, pleasant and harmonious mark.

JF Dominic Whisky - Casks Selection A luxurious and smooth whisky

With an extraordinary smooth and silky taste.It is distilled and matured in distinctive oak casks accorfing to master blender's finest tradition.A wonderfully rich texture with a hints of dry smokiness aroma which give you wonderfullly long, warming finish.

JF Dominic XO-Extra Gold Skilfully matured and blended

A rich and smooth blend perfectly crafted from selected reserves. Skilfully matured and blended, the recipe give it strong, dry taste and an aromatic smooth complex fragrance which is every bit as luxurious and indulgent as its name give.

JF Dominic XO - White Coffee Aged in the finest oak casks

Blended with unique and fragrant white coffee. The recipe of an expert give it strong, dry taste, an aromatic smooth complex fragrance and a warm, intense colour. It is pleasing to the palate.